The end is nigh

by kangarooseamstress

We’ve had a good run friends. Seen some cool shit and were cynics every step of the way. If either of us spies another ‘wand of narcissism’ (selfie stick), then I think we’ll both end up in prison serving life having seized the wand and physically beaten the owner to death with it, before using it to take one final picture of both of us posing, flicking fingers of peace, pouting, and if we’re really going for it, maybe a small hop.

Anyway, the last couple of days have been undertaken with serious backpacking style. We walked (approximately) 100km around HCMC, attending two sites of cultural interest, one of which was genuinely interesting, seriously, we were interested. I also spent about 2 hours wrapping and posting an oar home but I don’t really want to talk about that.

The night was sleepless, less disastrous than the last time that was the case, but, nonetheless, sleepless. Some call us crazy, others insane, personally I think we’re a deadly combination of the two. We spent about half an hour chasing two 10 year old boys round the local park ‘playing’ football – they were too good, we are genuinely sorry, England. This was also the cause of the ‘feet art’ (see Facebook).

We carried on, it was painful but I don’t need to remind you that some call us crazy, others just plain insane, met up with some girls we had spent time with in Cambodia, in general had a bloody great evening. We fell asleep as soon as we got on the plane and woke up after we had landed, strange for nervous flyers, I’m not complaining, but it was strange.

And then we went again!
“You guys can’t really be serious?”
“Friend, I am being serious.”
It was an evening that, if it be known to them, hush hush, would disgrace the backpacking fraternity. The Khao San road….need I say more? Probably, as most of you reading this, no doubt in your thousands, haven’t been there recently, if at all. For those of you who have, many apologies. It’s hell. We spent money, danced in the street and ate McDonalds. Yes, we were intoxicated, but still indulged in that ‘sport’ that we both detest. Again I have to offer my sincere apologies to the dorm dwellers and Kanken can can species.

This afternoon we shopped till we dropped. Tiernan bought some Manga porn, I tried to dissuade him but he vehemently resisted; today I saw a new side to him.

We’re sitting in the airport, it’s air conditioned and so I don’t think we could be any happier. In the cab on the way here we discussed the 5 things we’ve learnt at S.E.A:

1-Open mindedness.
2-A zest for culture absorption.
3-Hair is self cleaning.
4-The emperor is, by and large, naked as a jaybird.
5-Bum guns are revolutionary.

I asked Tiernan if he had any final words to sum up our last six weeks abroad:

“Not really, no,” he replied, and we boarded the plane home.