Cambodia is the bomb

by kangarooseamstress

We’ve been busy so I’ll sum it up quickly.

In Kratie we saw some of the last surviving river dolphins left in the Mekong. It was special. Kratie itself was a fairly quiet town so we hot-tailed it out of there in a noisy and packed minivan.

Phnom Pehn has been pretty crazy. On our first day we attended the Genocide Museum S21. Unsurprisingly, while interesting, if you can call it that, it didn’t exactly raise our spirits. That night we decided that we’d take Phnom Pehn by storm. Two clubs, a dance off and several pool games later, we retired at a crazy, ungodly hour in the early morning. Nuts.

Yesterday we did it again, after attending a chic movie house late afternoon to watch ‘Whiplash’, we partied. Two nights in a row; some may call us hardcore, others just plain reckless, but that’s what happened. We got in with an expat DJ after a little soul-butter and British talk, and the night progressed from there. Two clubs and several games of connect four and pool later, we retired home just as you were turning out your lights having watched the 10 O’clock news.

We woke at 3pm today, chin-dropping stuff…I know, and got some lunch (one of Phnom Pehn’s famous chicken sandwiches). We played chinlon, attended a chic movie house and tucked into some expensive Mexican food before watching Arsenal make a mockery of Middlesborough. It’s gone 1 am here, so I guess maybe this evening I should sign off and get an early night.

The past couple of days have brought out new sides to Tiernan and I. We’re more brash and have adapted a ‘seize the day’ attitude. There was one point when we were considering going out into the Cambodian countryside and paying $30 to shoot an RPG. We decided against it, but the yolo attitude was still there nonetheless. Sleep well. Carpe diem.