Angkor Wat

by kangarooseamstress

Today we rose for sunrise, and watched it at the Kings swimming pool back when he was rich and famous. It was pretty impressive, it has to be said, however, it was no Bagan. The temples, built in late 12th and early 13th century, we’re overrun with pretty large trees and it looked like they had been eaten. We spent the morning visiting Angkor’s most famous temples and yes they were pretty great, but alas I must stress, they were no Bagan. It was much more regulated and much much more overrun with tourists. We were pretty irritable come midday, and had had enough of the Asian tourists with their ‘wands if narcissism’, so went back for a snooze.

We’re currently sat by a pool that would cost each if us $14 to swim in if we could afford it, so instead we’re looking at it longingly and plotting to steal their toilet roll. The free canapés have just been put out…… We’re moving in.