Chiang Rai – Bus – Luang Prabang

by kangarooseamstress

Apologies, we’ve been busy. Chiang Rai was an area of relaxation after the blitz that was Myanmar. In the morning of our first day we sought out the comforts of an artisan coffee shop where we indulged in East London cakes. Having remade contact with the western world, the rest of the day rather predictably followed suit (you can take the backpacker out of a Londoner, but you can’t take the Londoner out of a backpacker). We denounced another temple….the old home of the jade Buddah held a replica that was disappointingly large, controversial, I know.

We wandered, ate magnums, drank cokes. This is all very hard to admit. Then we attended the cinema to see American Sniper, which we thought would top up our action fix of the holiday, building on Jason Stratham’s work. It was an amazing film, but left us feeling a little dejected.

We had to regain a backpacking kudo or two, it was imperative, so we got hold of the spiciest street food around and burnt our faces off.

The next day saw us discovering that Chiang Rai is super sleepy. We saw the three main tourist attractions, the mirror temple was a highlight, before returning to the cinema to see Mordecai. If I had more time to expand, I would, but don’t ever watch that film! Really, don’t ever watch that film!

The next day we boarded an 18 hour bus to Luang Prabang. God it was long. I discovered pretty early on that the ‘reclining’ function of my seat didn’t function, so I was in the upright position for the whole journey…ish. 04:20 saw my position compromised as I flew into the knees of the person behind me. For the remaining two hours I had to sit upright without support, as the seat had broken completely. It really wasn’t a great journey. But we made it and met up with Grandma and Ken. More stories to follow shortly.