Chiang Mai

by kangarooseamstress

We came, we trudged around trying to find a hostel that was rumoured to show Hollywood blockbusters (western comfort seeking), but realised it was full and so in a moment of panic chose somewhere else that closely resembled a crack den, and uh….we conquered.

Today we saw temples, but no reader, I’m not about to lay into them as you might well expect. The first, Wat Suan Dork was home to the ashes of the old Chiang Mai royal family and it was beautiful. The Buddah had been painted well! The second was hidden up in the forest, and the tunnels that were beneath the chedi had been decorated with pictures of trees and flowers in order to stop a brilliant monk who was prone to wandering off to meditate in the forest. Tiernan, however, was on edge, as he had just seen his first, and rather large, spider.

Massage, a word commonly associated with relaxation. This was also on the agenda, as we sought out “the best massage of Chiang Mai”. I found it an interesting experience, although I can’t say that I feel much better for it. Tiernan seemed to hold it together more than I. It probably didn’t help that I got to see and hear him stretched in some unusual positions. I found other parts mildly uncomfortable, as at times the masseuse ventured a little close to the bone.

We lived up to Tiernan’s word, and were whimsical. We went to the airport today and bought plane tickets to Mandalay (Myanmar, you backpacking noobs), leaving tomorrow. So if you don’t hear from us within the next ten days, we’re probably dead.