We slept!

by kangarooseamstress

Last night we slept well, and at a semi-reasonable hour. Today was spent doing touristy/’cultural’ things….never again. We headed towards the Grand Palace in order to see the Jade Buddah, one of Thailand’s treasures. What we came up against was hordes of loud, selfie-stick wielding groups of people that wanted a picture of anything and everything. There were just three ticket booths servicing the masses, and the que that followed sent Tiernan and I running. We figured we could probably admire the 15cm statue from the comfort of our beds, so we left.

Wat Pho was our next port of call, hopefully to admire a slightly larger and more laid back Buddah. To be fair to the chap, he was big, gold and relaxed. As sad as it is, however, and Tiernan and I have spent the day contemplating our cynicism and high standards of impression, it was just a large statue that in parts hadn’t been painted all too well. I think we both preferred the automated voice that ordered people to “take one bag for your shoes please”, as it sounded Darlek-esque, to the Buddah that one viewer deemed “spectacular”.

Don’t take this the wrong way, we still had a great time, and found the selfie-stick-wavers rather amusing.

We retired to a small, but yes reader, quite western coffee shop, where we whiled away a couple of hours playing “backpacker”!

We had a great meal this evening, fish-ball curry. Slightly concerned that we’re haemorrhaging money….I’m sure we’ll be fine, right mum?