by kangarooseamstress

Yesterday (15th), Tiernan and I set off to Thailand to begin our 6 week tour of a well worn and ludicrously clichéd route around South East Asia.

It took 24 hours for us to arrive at our hostel in Bangkok, Thailand, having passed into Southern China to stop over. Surprisingly our journey had no real hiccups. Which is unusual considering we are prone to either missing our flights or finding ourselves stranded. We still have time…

Once settled, we headed out for our first Thai meal which we found just off the Khao San Road. It was a lovely chicken noodle dish setting us back 45baht apiece (roughly 90p). We had a little wander before heading back to our room to try to sleep off the jet lag.

Tiernan has found this a much easier task than I….evidently. He’s snoring loudly next to me which in a way is quite relaxing. It’s also the early hours of my birthday today.

I think I often find the first couple of days travelling the hardest as I need time to settle in. I don’t think it helps that neither of us are very well. I look forward to tomorrow.