Day 12, 13 + 14: Pula and Zagreb

by kangarooseamstress

Pula’s local beaches were busy, but the sea lovely and refreshing. We spent our second afternoon there and sunned ourselves until the late evening. It was thoroughly relaxing. We walked back through the main city and bought pizza slices. The best pizza we’ve eaten all trip.

The next day we got up late again, it was great having two full nights sleep in a row. The colosseum we visited was supposedly one of Croatia’s best attractions however we found ourselves slightly underwhelmed. Yes, it was large and old, but it didn’t seem to have much information on it. I think we felt that they could have sold it better. Maybe we were hungry and this was clouding our vision, who knows. We headed for an authentic Croatian dinner which involved mussels, squid and pasta. It was really tasty….

The trip to Zagreb the next day was pretty seamless all in all. We met the owner of our apartment and he gave us some of his family’s brand of wine. He was one of three or four Croatians to ask “why the fuck are you not at the coast?” We later realised that this was a very good question. Aside from your standard bars, there was little to do. We fell in with a bunch of British girls, some from Manchester who didn’t like that we had rolled our jeans up to show our ankles, the others were pretty fun. Despite having nowhere to dance we stayed up until the morning, returning at 9 to sleep the day through.

The next day we visited the museum of broken relationships. It consisted of a range of items that had been important in various relationships. These items all came with a backstory explaining why they were important. Some were beautiful, others deeply saddening (particularly a suicide note from a mother to her two daughters). It really was a great museum.

I thought Pula was a tad slow. I thoroughly enjoyed Zagreb.