Day 8: The long road to Venice

by kangarooseamstress

We got to the station for our 07:30 train only to find that it was an hour delayed. This therefore meant that we would miss the two trains we had booked later that day. With €20 straight down the drain, we were not happy bunnies. We had to book another train for later on, again costing money. We made it to Venezia Mestre by 22:00, the station off the island of Venice. We had plans to stay at a bio farm 20 minutes from the station but quickly realised that we had no phone number or address for the campsite. We persuaded a taxi driver to take us in the general direction.

Once we got out, we wondered around aimlessly until we asked a passing cyclist if he had heard of the campsite or knew his owner. Dame Fortune was with us, and the man gave us an appropriate number and directions. It took us a further hour and a half to find the campsite and pitch our tents in the dark. It was a terrible terrible day.