Day 7: Bastille day

by kangarooseamstress

Yesterday was our single day in Marseille after the disaster that was Sunday. So as to avoid not being able to travel the next day, I left for the train station in order to reserve seats. On my way I passed by the supposed ‘trendy’ street in Marseille, where the talk of second hand designer clothes tickled my fancy. Unfortunately, due to Bastille day, much of Marseille was shut up and so I was resolved to wander down to the old port to soak up the atmosphere. One thing that I noticed was just how graffitied the city is, with every available “blank canvas” covered mostly in pointless, artless tags.

The port was beautiful and I got a coffee and some lunch while catching up on my scrapbook. I then walked all the way to the Notre-Dame de la Guard which offered a panoramic view of the surrounding area. We then ate dinner before heading down to the port to watch the epic firework display.

The fireworks were great, but I was expecting a little more from the day. The lads hit the clubs afterwards, returning with some suspect stories…