The beginning of interrailing

by kangarooseamstress

Yesterday we started Interrailing, and we started well. We had a three hour delay at Ashford which was a particularly frustrating beginning to the holiday. Eventually we made it to Bruges, after speaking to a very friendly local from Gent who didn’t sell his city well, calling it “dangerous”.

Bruges is lovely. Wide cobbled streets, tall brick buildings and some great motorcycles. We stayed at the Bauhaus youth hostel which is friendly and accommodating…quite literally.

We spent the afternoon walking around the city. I bought a book called “The Erection Set”, purely for the name and the cover. We headed into the centre and bought some pasta which was brilliantly filling. To cap the evening off we headed to an underground bar where we sampled many Belgian beers, all over 6%. Grass was the game for the evening, it was complicated but the chaps stuck with me through it.

I’m aware this sounds like a 5 year old writing, but it’s hard to write a blog without doing so.

Still alive after a terrible night sleep due to a bunch of Spanish people singing songs until the early hours.