The quest for the front

by kangarooseamstress

Either you’re a liar or a comedian
But you can’t be both.
So pick one and get on with filling its shoes
No more passive aggressive phone calls from ‘friends’ who deem themselves oh so superior
second long pictures which either lie or get laughed at
No more dithering
Is it all just a front ?
liar or a comedian?
Am I the audience or the victim? Just pick one and I’ll get on with filling its shoes
No more telling me you’re on your lonesome, because I want to be with the performer and you know I’m easily enticed
The audience is about to grow and we all know what he’s like
No more telling me what is music to my ears when really you’re reading off a score laid down for you by your manager of sorts
I feel sick. I feel restless.
Just pick a role and play it till the end and I will play mine.
I have no choice in this, so I may as well comply
I feel sick. I feel helpless.