by kangarooseamstress

I know that I am a latecomer to this film, but I felt it was so good I had to share my thoughts. First of all, what a brilliantly clever and complex idea! It’s hard to comprehend how somebody could come up with something like that and is unlike any film I have ever seen in that sense. The visual effects are something else, being highlighted when Ellen Page’s character turns part of the city in her dream into a box. Her acting is measured and sassy at times, while Di Caprio is his usual brooding self. I am potentially biased for both of these actors are favourites of mine. The ending is still being mulled over in my mind, even after talking to many others about it. On one hand, the fact that we never know whether or not the spinning top stops spinning could be viewed as leaving the film unfinished. It does not, however, matter for whether or not Cobb is dreaming, for he finally gets to see his children’s faces again. This has got to be one of my favourite films seen this year, purely for plot.